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Three Ring Circus: Opening Tour Dates

“Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends.”
(Emerson, Lake and Palmer – 1974)

Yes, I’ve been on a one-month hiatus from writing while seeing to some very special tour dates at home — the THREE RING CIRCUS tour, that is.

You’ve seen the men in my life. Little Drummer Boy (because really what object couldn’t achieve it greatest functionality by being used as a drumstick) is my 3-year-old.  Bug is my 22-month-old. Those two provide much of the excitement in our show, although, my husband occasionally offers a contribution.  You may have also read my allusions and occasional complaints about being very pregnant in August in Mississippi.  Well, I am here to say that the very best thing about being pregnant in August in Mississippi is the prize you get for playing!

BabyGirl Montgomery was born August 30, 2008 at 12:47pm, and she is a Jewel!  She weighed in at 8 lbs, 8 oz and was bright eyed, healthy and hungry from her first moment under the bright lights!  Our THREE RING CIRCUS is complete and we are sold out on it.

My OB/GYN had been saying for months that we would probably have the baby a week or two early, so we were expecting to induce labor on September 2.  BabyGirl had other plans.  My water broke at the breakfast table, we checked into the hospital at 10:00am and she made her arrival at 12:47pm — what efficiency and 12 days before my due date! We were so fortunate to have an easy delivery and a healthy baby girl.  It was also a bonus that my doctor and our pediatrician were both on call for the Labor Day (ha!) weekend, so we all were well acquainted.

Daddy is quite smitten already.  He’s been reminding himself for months, “I’m going to be the parent here.” But, we all know just who will be wrapped around who’s finger. Drummer Boy and Squiggle Man are enjoying having their little “seester” on the outside and Mommy’s full lap at their disposal.  Drummer Boy’s chief concern was “what is in your tummy now?”  On the morning we brought Baby Girl home, I let him know it was the hospital french toast I’d had for breakfast.  Since then, he’s been eager to help us take care of BabyGirl by fetching her poppy (read pacifier), patting her back and looking at her dirty britches (read #2 diaper).  Squiggle Man was quite confused while we were in the hospital, but has since begun to alert us of Maggie’s presence by shouting “Bee Bee” (read Baby) each time he sees her or her basinette.  Like Drummer Boy, he also brings BabyGirl her poppy,  and tries his best to get it in her mouth.  Since she hasn’t quite figured out how to keep it in her mouth, he raises his hands in confusion as if to say “this one must be broken.”  He also is quick to point o the basinette and say “bee-add” (read bed) when he thinks Mommy needs to put BabyGirl down and read to him!

Step right up!  The three rings are now complete, the show is on, and we are having a blast juggling all the blessings.

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