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1st Day of Christmas: Song of the Messenger

trumpet-3 SCENE:
And the angel came in unto her, and said, “Hail, thou that art highly favored, the Lord is with thee;  blessed art thou among women… And, behold, thou shalt conceive in thy womb, and bring forth a Son, and shalt call His name Jesus.”  (luke 1:28, 31-33)

an envoy, a prophet, a bearer of 

Wonder filled my face when His Highness gave the news
that I was to deliver, and my heart was quite confused.
He said He’d send His Son into a human’s womb
to be born upon the earth, and it would happen soon.
The Beloved would be leaving – an awesome revelation,
entrusted to this woman, just a mere creation.
The thoughts of the Omniscient I seldom can surmise,
but I always do His bidding, trusting He is wise.

Of the countless missions I’ve been given for His cause,
this one bears a sadness not seen since Eden’s loss.
His Highness calls it “love”, which no angel’s ever known.
The only ones that know it bear an image like His own.
This “love” has often grieved Him since that moment long ago.
But, somehow now His Son will enable it to grow.
This, a thought too lofty for angelic minds to see,
is the reason for my message to the one in Galilee.

Heaven holds a mystery, some enigmatic plan,
deep within Almighty that I don’t understand.
When You choose to send me, to go is my reply.
But, if I could be human, I know I’d ask You why.


“things into which angels long to look” — I’ve always been fascinated by that verse in 1 Peter.  It reminds me that salvation is a plan designed for humans.  How gracious it was of God to create us with the ability to choose or reject Him.  It was at great personal cost to him, considering His powerful love for mankind.  How it must grieve Him to be rejected.

I’ve often wondered what angels think of humans and the plan God has to redeem us.  I’m sure they were baffled by man’s choice in Eden and equally as baffled by God’s choice to take on flesh.  I wonder from Gabriel’s perspective if the “good news” was really good from heaven’s side.  Although their view of God’s plan is somewhat veiled, their view of God Himself is unimpeded.  They must have missed the nearness of His presence on that Bethlehem night.


© 2008 Haley Montgomery

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