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5th Day of Christmas: Song of the Babe

manger-7 SONG:
It’s my first time to see the dark of night.
So, this is what the underside of stars look like.
My very first tear and the feeling of cold –
how odd that my body will actually grow.

My first few feelings of being human
are the same but different from what I imagined.
I know this body in intricate detail,
but, my knowing of the Father is different – I can tell.

Heaven looks hazy and faded from below,
but, inside a deep seeking, a longing to know.
It must be man’s emptiness, the one I will  fill,
when I become their Savior and all their sins heal.


How are the diety of God and the frailty of man resolved in the flesh of one tiny babe?  What was it like for the One who made the world to be born into it?  Was His vision of heaven the same from within our firmament?  What was it like for the Light of the World to look into the dark night sky for the first time? Was His “knowing” of God, His Father, different after taking on human flesh?  Did He sense the human longing for God?  Through infant tears, did He remember what it was like to rest in the perfect peace of the Father’s bosom?  Mighty God.  Infant God.

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