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Creative Types: Jewelry by Aurora Rogers

I’m privileged to enjoy the inspirations of many “creative types” in my line of work (and in my circle of friends). Their creative pursuits come in all shapes and sizes and mediums, but the ingenuity and innovative ideas are apparent regardless of venue. I like to pay attention to these folks because creativity tends to inspire more creativity, and I like to be a part of paying that forward. For those readers who may say “but I’m not artistic,” I’ll spare you the “creativity” lecture I gave the students from my Starkville Home Educators art classes. But, suffice it to say that I’m a firm believer in the notion that we are all creative beings at our core. We each tap into that creativity in different ways, be it writing, cooking, time management, or any number of more traditional artistic pursuits. I’m always curious when I encounter creative types… “what inspires your creativity?” The answers always inspire me to delve deeper into my own creative bent.

Princessa Handcrafted Jewelry

I met Aurora Rogers when she was still in high school, and two things that stood out to me in her very vibrant personality were her love of making things and her love of jewelry. Over the years I’ve noticed that not much has changed in those two loves, only the way she’s executed them. Her latest adventure in combining the two is the Princessa line of handcrafted jewelry. Aurora’s pieces are created with the “every day princess in mind.” And what girl doesn’t want to be a princess?

Aurora, who is a working graphic designer as well, applies her love of color and pattern, as well as her experienced design sense to each piece. Plus, she donates a portion of all her sales to whatever cause, issue, or even needful family that is moving her heart at the moment. I love the giving nature. I love the bead work. I love the colors. I love the whimsy of the multi-strands. And holy cowboys and indians, folks, I love the boot anklet.

When we were talking about this post, I asked Aurora to answer one question… What’s inspiring you today? Her answer…

“Today, I am inspired by being useful and productive … solving a problem really ignites my creativity and motivates me into action — which does not sound creative at all.

If I dig a little deeper into my “creative intellect”, the things that inspires me most today and any day are color and patterns.”

Well, I’m inspired too. See  more of Aurora’s work at www.honeyandlove.com


  1. Thank you Haley for this generous mention … and I am honored to be featured as the first in your Creative Types series! I agree creative energy begets more creativity, so I look forward to following this series.

    I really love this! “And holy cowboys and indians, folks, I love the boot anklet.”


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