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I know I’ve mentioned the interesting phenomenon of a creative type’s space, and how important it becomes at times to the creative endeavors that emanate there. Really, I think our spaces are important to all of us, whether we work or contribute to the arts or not. Spaces provide our days and, by extension, our lives context. They offer us tangible dimensions in which we find comfort, nourish ourselves, build our connections with others, rest our bodies, or while away our free time. The elements that make those spaces true places of significance are different for each of us. I’ve often been asked by friends to offer advice on how they decorate their homes or arrange their accessories or choose their wall colors. My best piece of advice has always been: Do what YOU like. Do what makes YOUR space your own. We are so often alternatively intimidated or enamored by the so-called tenets of good design, the appropriate use of space or the fashionable color trends. And, of course, I believe those ideas are important. I know they can draw upon our common tendencies as people to create spaces or visual elements that are more pleasing and accessible to us. However, I also firmly believe that a well-designed space is one that has become the true place of the one who dwells in it.

The website I have to share today really showcases that concept. The site displays the magnificent work of Todd Selby, a portrait, interiors and fashion photographer. His website, The Selby, offers a unique and intriguing view into the personal spaces of various artists and designers with whom he’s worked. Some of the images were produced for commercial purposes and some just for the love of photographing space and its inhabitants. The broader shots are wonderful, but some of my favorites are the details he shows — the lovingly placed precious objects, the whimsical gathering of seemingly random pieces. Those are the photos that seem to offer a glimpse into the designer’s creative spirit. Some of the collections also have hand-written and drawn Q&As with the artists as well. Fair warning: You could spend your whole day on this site. Enjoy a few of the shots inspiring me today… (click the photo to view the full collection for each designer)

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