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Happy Labor Day! I am increasingly blessed these days with the opportunity simply to work–to continue serving my clients during this time when the infancy of Small Pond Graphics intersects with a challenging economy.

During the Great Depression, President Franklin D. Roosevelt instituted a program called the Works Progress Administration designed to put Americans to work during a time (like today) when employment opportunities were scarce. Practicing artists were one segment of the workforce that found jobs through the WPA. Many commercial artists (the precursor term for graphic designer), photographers, painters and other artists were put to work in public service projects across the country. These projects produced some of the most recognized photographs documenting the environment and history of our nation during that time period. In addition, if you look around your own small pond, you might find a mural or painting in a local post office or public building that was produced through the WPA. On this Labor Day, I’m inspired by examples of the extensive collection of public service posters that were created through the Works Progress Administration. Many showcase outstanding illustration and screen printing techniques, and some of my favorites include great uses of art deco-style typography and composition. Here are a few examples. To view an organically grown collection of WPA poster examples, visit Posters for the People.

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