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inspired by . October in Mississippi

I’ve been focused on color palettes recently. I’m working on several logo development and advertising projects where I am choosing colors to create a brand, reflect a brand, expand a brand… You get the idea. Color inspiration can come from all kinds of places. I love to look at books, magazines, wallpaper and fabric patterns, paint collections, fashion photography, and even crazy things like game boards or my children’s drawings. Sometimes, I even step outdoors for the color inspiration nature provides.

With the month of October upon us (I can’t believe it either), I was looking through a collection of autumn photographs a few days ago. It reminded me, with delight, of the unique color palette found in Autumn in Mississippi. I was especially inspired by the yellows. It’s such a vibrant color among the neutrals that often present themselves this time of year. And, wherever yellow appears, the eye just seems to gravitate. A low sun and long shadows sometimes make colors like yellow literally shine when hit by the light. Also, because our winters are milder and many evergreens grown natively, our Fall season usually carries many shades of green along with the typical warmer autumn hues. That counterpoint of warmer color brilliance paired with one slightly cooler shade or a neutral is one of my favorite approaches to choosing colors in design work. The play of warm against cool can make for a very dynamic look.

Since October is only just beginning, we haven’t seen much of the real leaf-turning yet. That process won’t come in Mississippi for a few more weeks. But, I found these photos taken from late October of last year and thought I would share them. I hope it “colors” your view of the changing season.

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