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Branding in the Small Things


So, you have a great logo design. You’ve carefully chosen your website colors and imagery to reflect your company “look.” You’ve created consistency across all your printed materials with typefaces, colors and patterns. You’re watching how your logo is used to make sure it conforms to your brand guidelines. You’ve carefully crafted the verbiage on your promotional materials to reflect your company’s approach to products and services. You’re adequately branded, right?

Maybe so. But often, the dividing line of whether your brand reaches a level of customer engagement that really makes it memorable is found not only in the traditional marketing materials, but also in the details–the details of how your customer experiences you and your business.

I’ve been thinking more about the details of branding as I’ve been working on various client projects that take an existing brand image and expand it or fine-tune it. That process sometimes involves redefining. It sometimes includes augmenting. And more often than not, it requires a keen attention to detail.

I’m kind of a brainstormer. I use the technique of listing as part of my creative process sometimes. In this recent thought process on branding in detail, I’ve been brainstorming areas of a business operation or a customer experience where brands can reinforce themselves and even make their mark just by adding a little intention. Here are some of the results — 25 branding opportunities you may have overlooked. Have you thought about how your brand looks (or sounds) here?

1. Email signature
2. Restroom doors
3. Parking lot signage
4. Voicemail messages
5. The back of your business card
6. Invoices
7. Friday casual-wear
8. Your front door
9. Sales tickets
10. Your website “favicon”
11. The materials you use to take notes during client meetings
12. Office computer screen savers
13. Office or store wall art
14. #10 business envelopes
15. Price tags
16. Your Facebook “place” page
17. Packing materials
18. Gift enclosure cards
19. Appointment cards
20. Company vehicles
21. Your Twitter background
22. The beverages/refreshments you provide clients
23. Your email opt-in thank you message
24. Event name-tags
25. Your on-hold message

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