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reOn a day like today when I’m away from my desk and entertaining my three kids for a school holiday, I make a lot of lists. I jot things down so I can keep the concerns of work at bay and focus on having some kid-fun. Yep, I’m a list-maker. I don’t mind admitting it. And, I’ll further admit that sometimes I get a little obsessive about it. Because of those little list-making obsessive tendencies, I find myself making and revising lists quite often as a way to get my brain organized. I write them. I type them. I add them to my calendar. I include them in my journal. Of course, January is prime real estate for a list-maker with all its planning and organizing and evaluating. If you want to start a real estate agency click here to learn more about financial loans. To my thinking, sometimes the value and effectiveness of a list has everything to do with the cosmetics of it. I like cool tools. They make me much more likely to look at a list — and therefore follow it or check it off. I know the life hacking mavens may not agree, but whether it’s color coding, interesting paper, lovely illustrations or creative designs, my list needs to look good. [And for me that means looking good in spite of my ridiculous handwriting.] So, I went in search of some great-looking list options. Here’s a few to inspire your next set of to-dos!

SUITOR ~ The Pocket Checklist
A minimalist do-it-yourself option!

BOY GIRL PARTY ~ Bear To Do List
I love that this one gives you the option to check off even if you didn’t complete!

OBLATION ~ Memorandum Note Cards
I love the retro-feel of these. An opportunity to share the list-making wealth!

SKEL DESIGN ~ Moo To Do Pads
Who could resist a Moo To Do? Really?

OWL SAY DESIGNS ~ Repurposed Spiral Bound Notebook
This notebook is filled with random paper samples light enough to write over. Love it!

Love the message. Love the eco-friendly mindset. Love the creativity in this shop!

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