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favorite thing . Calligraphy Address Stamp

Don’t you love hand-written notes? I remember receiving several congratulating the launch of Small Pond Graphics, and they made the words  that were communicated so much more powerful. Hand-written notes are kind of a lost art in the digital world we inhabit these days. Perhaps that makes their impact all the more pronounced, and I’m determined to incorporate the effort into my correspondence a little more. [No scoffing from those who have seen my hand-writing, please.]

I was thinking about small ways to add that human touch to communications and I came across this great calligraphy shop — Paperfinger. The custom calligraphy address stamp caught my attention as a great opportunity to add a bit of personality to personal or even business correspondence — especially if your handwriting is like mine and produces more frustration than joy. They also offer some other beautifully whimsical stamps and the option to create something custom.

Think small today.


  1. I love this idea! I’m a huge fan of hand written notes. I’ve actually got a collection of glass pens and seals and sealing wax to use on special letters. People seem to love that little added touch. Now I’m tempted to try one of these as well!

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