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favorite thing . All the Details

I recently bought this set of journals/planners from graphic designer Natasha Mileshina’s Etsy shop. She specializes in calligraphy, hand-made planners and organizers, prints, photography and more. The moment I received my package in the mail, I knew it was a lesson in the power of details. From the twine used to wrap the kraft paper bag and the shop logo stamps and stickers right down to the bonus photo prints and personalized “thank you” card (yes, that’s my NAME on there), this package wasn’t just a product. It was a present. Sure, I bought it as a happie for myself because I liked it. But, Mrs. Mileshina’s attention to the details of the packaging made it more like a GIFT. And, it didn’t hurt that her books were exquisitely crafted with minimalist design and just the right splash of color. Plus, her product listing included a few extras like a wooden pencil and ruler and a set of her small prints. It’s the whole package, so to speak.

Here’s the thing. When I got this, I was immediately convinced that she is, well, awesome! I won’t forget her shop, and I’ll want more of her well-designed awesomeness again. It made me re-evaluate how much attention I give to the details of what I provide customers (and friends and children and whoever else crosses my path). Those small Things have the power to turn something ordinary into something unforgettable. Sounds like great marketing to me!

[Be sure to check out Mrs. Mileshina’s portfolio website!]


  1. Wow! Dear Haley, Thank you sooo much, you made me blush. SO many nice things you wrote! THANK YOU! You made me very happy! Thank you-thank you-thank you! I am very glad you liked my shop and hope to see your again sometime ūüôā

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