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favorite things . Wise Old Owls

I’ve been noticing lots of wise old owls swooping into my design sphere recently. From prints to home accessories, the whimsical variations are so inspiring. That fluffy cutie up top is circa 2010 dollar store Christmas ornament aisle and hangs on the valance above my desk shooting me wise thoughts throughout the day. The others are some of my favorites from around the cyber forest. Hoot Hoot!

1. The Roddy Owl cushion in teal from Roddy and Ginger. I think he’s looking at me!
2. “Great Horned Owl” limited edition glicee print by Josh Brill at Lumadessa. [LOVE his birds!]
3. You can’t go wrong with an owl named “Prudence”. The BlaBla kid’s collection is so full of whimsy & fun!
4. “Grey Owl” screen print by David Weidman. I’m a huge fan of Weidman’s work and this owl just makes me giggle.
5. White Porcelain Owl Lamp from Michele Varian.
6. Owl switchplate from Anthropologie. For turning on bright ideas!

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