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inspired by . Iconic Stamps

Postage stamps have always fascinated me — often such intricate design in such a small thing. They are the quintessential design project… text requirements, size requirements, and the need to effectively honor, commemorate, communicate, highlight or showcase the specific theme eloquently in a mundane application. Cool stuff!

This summer, the US Postal Service released its Pioneers of American Industrial Design set featuring a collection of early modern product designs — icons which are now engraved in our culture. From the press release…

Faced with decreasing sales, manufacturers turned to industrial designers to give their products a modern look that would appeal to consumers. Characterized by horizontal lines and rounded, wind-resistant shapes, the new, streamlined looks differed completely from the decorative extravagance of the 1920s. They evoked a sense of speed and efficiency and projected the image of progress and affluence the public desired.

Nice. Evidence great design can be achieved in tiny spaces. And the opportunity to add beauty to simply opening an envelope. [Get your set here.]

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