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favorite things . Tiny Packages

Wow! Look at this! I love all small things. I’m a small girl. I have small hands and small fingers. So, I just love small stuff that fits easily in them. Plus, I enjoy the wonder of something intricate and detailed in few square inches. Boy, does this little find fit the bill!

Tiny Packages from Leafcutter Designs proves that good things come in small packages! Each package contains a small object with a companion message scotched in mini newsprint, then wrapped, tied and addressed with your custom to/from addresses. The package even includes miniature stamps. The shop will mail your Tiny Package wrapped in a larger envelope directly to your recipient! What a great way to send a tiny message with big impact. There are eight messages to choose from with clever companion objects. The message for the package above: “You’re as cute as a…”

Proprietor, Lea Redmond also offers customizable Tiny Letters which allow you to write your own text for a mini letter. The letters are folded in mini-envelopes with mini stamps and sealing wax and mailed along with a magnifying glass. AND they also teamed up with Chronicle Books to create the DIY Tiny Mail Stationery Kit above. So clever!

Please. Somebody send me one of these packages.

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