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A Peek at 2012

I love calendars. Specifically, I love monthly calendars that give me some form of inspiration. I just enjoy the process of flipping the page to see what new image or color or font or message is in store on the first of each month. So, I tend to gather several calendar versions around my office, displaying them where I can see and enjoy. Sometimes they are hanging calendars. Sometimes they are other variations I prop or clip at will. For me, it’s like a little collection of rotating art. Just as I’m becoming blind to the familiarity of each piece, it’s time to change.

A couple of weeks ago, I made my first calendar purchase for 2012, and I thought I’d share a peek. A peek is all I took, myself, because the packaging was so lovely. I couldn’t bear to untie it until January 1. So I hung it up under one of the 2011 versions to enjoy the anticipation This illustrated hanging calendar was created by Little Things Studio right here in my home state of Mississippi. I love her whimsical patterns and vibrant colors. Mine came wrapped in orange cord with a bonus bookmark!

Marking time is one of our great privileges in life. To imagine a life with no opportunity to remember the past or dream about the future would be one without inspiration. To attempt a life without numbering our days would be one risking too much regret. Today is a great day to sow the seeds for 2012–in life and work. Let’s get started!


  1. hey Haley!
    I’m just now seeing this. thanks for the shoutout.
    i’ve actually met you before when you were working for deborah. i worked for sally hester at MSU AOCE for 3 1/2 years while i went back to school!
    keep in touch
    thanks again

    • Hi Kate! I thought we might have met, but I was trying to figure out where. It’s great to put it all together. I’m loving my calendar!

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