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photo essay . Seven Skies

Two weeks ago I took my kids to our family farm for Spring Break, and I spent some intentional time away from my project schedule. It’s been a while since I’ve done that, so it felt like a special treat. During the week I was experimenting with the Hipstamatic iPhone app. And I was experimenting with gazing at the skies for no good reason. Put the two together and it makes for these seven skies.

I’ve been trying to incorporate that same sky gazing into my routine back at home and work. Are you taking time to gaze today?


  1. Also Graphic Design involves deianlg with rejection. I’ve had times where I thought I designed great ad and the client wanted major changes to where I was unhappy, but they were happy with the end result. GD is not always about designing something fun and exciting, alot of times you get clients that bring you projects that are less then desirable. If you really have passion for this field you’ll be able to maintain those creative juices even on those occasional doldrum projects.

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