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Archive for June 2012

inspired by . Damien Hirst Spots

It was just a way of pinning down the joy of color.” ~Damien Hirst

I have to admit that in looking at Damien Hirst’s spot paintings, it’s still quite difficult to pin down the joy of color. It’s almost explosive. I was sifting through some of my browser bookmarks again and came across the online gallery of Hirst’s work in “The Complete Spot Paintings 1986–2011,” which was shown at the Gagosian Gallery simultaneously in all their locations earlier this year. [I really appreciate it when galleries offer an online version of some of their exhibits — very fun for a Mississippi girl!]

The Spot paintings are so simple — mostly spots of color in grids — but the “joy of color” as Hirst described it is very present. And, even though the grid formats may seem staid, that joy is still quite uncontained. In fact, the spots almost seem to be in constant motion with various shapes trying to emerge.

Seeing the photos again was a very refreshing reminder of the power (and joy) of color. See for yourself…


photo 062812 . Garden Gate

photo 062712 . Garden Climb

photo 062612 . Guardian

favorite things . Be Prints

You know I’m a huge fan of hand-printed designs. I have fallen in love with the “BE” prints from Honeycomb Print Shop. These imperatives paired with bold type and bright colors make me want every one. And, you can even suggest a “be” phrase for printing!

photo 062512 . Hidden House

field trip . University, part 2

As promised, the other half of my photos from University Drive in Starkville. Enjoy!

inspired by . Grow House Grow

I’m so inspired by the patterns and creative concept behind the wallpaper designs of Grow House Grow. The self-described “narrative-inspired” designs clearly have a story to tell. But, looking at them carefully, they make me want to do more than just read the story (which is lovingly displayed for each pattern on their website). The patterns make me want to write my own story. Perhaps the words of Grow House Grow say it best…

“It can be argued that a good story–and we all have one–inspires and gives meaning to the world around us. From personal histories and architectural details, to souvenirs and heirlooms we hold dear, it’s important to fill our living spaces with things that create an environment that is both personal and universal; just as a good story does. Each pattern Grow House Grow creates has a different tale to tell, and endeavors to spark the creativity, mystery, and comfort of stories in those around us.”

Patterns shown: “Ode to the Unhasty” in guava | “Cottontail” in sweetpea | “Christopher” in thistle | “Ms. Ward” in mantis

[images courtesy growhousegrow.com]

photo 062112 . Backyard Complement

photo 062012 . Backyard Lush

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