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favorite things . Map Keepsakes

I was weeding through my browser bookmarks this week and found the serendipity of a collection staring me in the face. As a graphic designer, I’ve always admired the ability of maps to graphically depict places — places that are often layered with so much more meaning for us than simple lines and symbols. At some point, I’ve bookmarked these three unique approaches to keepsake maps — the kind that hold our hearts near to specific places in a tangible way. Enjoy!

1. Map quilts from Haptic Lab: Their baby and full-size quilts like this one showing New Orleans are available for several major cities, and they also offer the option of custom quilts created from the place of your choosing.

2. Brass map pendant necklaces from Brass and Chain: I love the antique look of this jewelry, and you may choose your own place. I was also smitten by the bracelet option where you can choose six city destinations.

3. Custom map children’s floor maps from Board Stiff: Such a clever idea! Your city or neighborhood map of choice becomes a custom-designed vinyl floor mat ready for all the matchbox cars you can find.

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