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Archive for July 2012

photo 071212 . Summer’s Velvet

photo 071112 . Summer Peeking Through

photo 071012 . Summer Blossom

photo 070912 . Summer Floating

photo 070512 . Summer Reflection

photo 070412 . Stars and Stripes

four things for holding things

It’s a privilege to have the need to store. It means we have been blessed with ownership and possessions. I love the idea of elevating the mundane act of storage with beautiful and fun containers. I found four things for holding things that just make me smile.

1. Recycled canvas buckets from chewing the cud [also check out their awesome fabric wrapping]
2. Whitewashed wood bins from The Container Store
3. Birch storage boxes from CB2
4. Clear paint cans from The Container Store

photo 070312 . Summer Treasure

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