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12 Days of Thanksgiving: Day Six

We are here. At the farm for a week. The kids have been very excited. A week and a half ago they were ready to pack, and I had to apply some Mommy logic to convince them that we might actually need to wear our clothes in that time span before we reached our Thanksgiving holiday destination. They agreed, but each night this week we’ve been in the countdown to arrival. And now, we are here.

There is nothing that blesses me quite like their excitement, particularly in this stage of our lives. Their bodies jumping with anticipation. Their voices talking all at once. Their giggles and spontaneous hugs. The little “thank yous” I get mingled with “I love yous” as their eyes are finally closing.

It’s healing to the soul. Salve to my weary spirit. Because I find myself effortlessly sucked into the excitement. I find myself giggling and jumping and talking along with them. It happens without thought, like all good excitement does. And it’s like a breath of fresh air.

I’m so thankful for those moments of inhibition. It’s joy peeking it’s head out of my heart for a look around. And it lets me know we are coming to life again. The brunt of death doesn’t stand a chance against the unexpected impact of life.

I’m resting in that this evening.

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