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inspired by . Saint Nick

I *might* be a packrat. In my defense, I get it naturally from my mother who is actually the one who kept these Santa specimens. Each year when we unearth the hoard of Christmas boxes from my attic, I search down all kinds of yellowed pages like these. They are infused with memories and wonder that have been layered since I was a child. I pulled a few to display in my office last weekend and I’ve been inspired by the nostalgic illustrations this week — ca. 1969-ish. Enjoy!

[Programming note: If you are connected with the Pond through my Facebook Page, you may have read about the changes in our lives over the last three months. I’ve taken a hiatus from Plop! and many other things as we continue to adjust. As we move into 2013, I hope to get back to posting with more regularity and to see with fresh eyes the inspiration that comes from simply living. I cannot express how my heart has been blessed by the support and patience of so many of my business colleagues. I’m convinced more than ever before that good business is human. Thank you.]

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