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inspired by . Cookies with Santa


This weekend I was out of town and doing a little online window shopping with Terrain. I really love their collection of simple, nature-inspired products. I decided to have a little fun and collect a wish list of favorite finds for Christmas Eve cookies with Santa. Hope you’re enjoying your own sugarplum visions today!

1. Juice jars — an old-fashioned vessel for cold milk!
2. Striped paper straws — green is a nice contrast to the red suit!
3. Hickory wood coasters — to protect the holiday table! Handcrafted by American woodworkers.
4. Red-striped napkin — to keep those crumbs out of his beard!
5. Stitched side plate — a design a toy maker could certainly love!
6. Reindeer penny candy — what midnight Santa snack is complete without candy? And a reindeer to boot!

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