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A Chalkboard Painting Project


One of my monthly clients, Eat Cities, LLC, launched a new brand and online magazine at the beginning of January called Eat Y’all. A year in the making, the project aims to showcase food in the South as only Southerners can through great editorial content, the creation of food trails, and the production of exclusive Chef’s Table events giving diners the opportunity to interact with regional chefs. Yum! I’ve had the opportunity to work with Eat Y’all on their branding and marketing, which will soon include a new website. As part of their ongoing Chef’s Table series, they asked me to paint the logo on chalkboards to be used at the events. It was a fitting project for a Friday last week, and I thought I would share the process. Enjoy a peek! And, watch for details about Chef’s Table events in your region of the South. It’s an intimate Southern food experience you won’t want to miss!

20130114-085758.jpg 20130114-085845.jpg 20130114-085941.jpg 20130114-090018.jpg 20130114-090106.jpg

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