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A new coffee shop opened in downtown Starkville yesterday, and this morning I decided to start my day with a little field trip for iced mocha and sweets. Lots of excitement has been seeping out of the storefront for months now, anticipating the opening of Nine Twenty Nine Coffee Bar. I was excited to take a peek because I’ve been impressed with the quality and craftsmanship the owners have demonstrated in other projects around town — builders and makers now applying that skill to a renovated storefront and something as personal as a beverage preference. I was not disappointed. Between bites of what can certainly be described as iced sin, I wandered around taking a few photos — as I’m prone to do. The space is wonderful, particularly the layers of materials and textures. I really enjoyed starting my day there with wi-fi. Warning: this post has a ridiculous number of photos because I simply couldn’t resist. Enjoy a quick look at this inspiring space, with a side of yum! (Which, incidentally, was great to go too!) And, you might want to stop into 929 on your next trek around downtown Starkville.

My self-portrait traipsing Downtown ūüôā 929 has a nice little covered outdoor space adjacent to the sidewalk that I’m sure I’ll enjoy next time.

First things first: Look at the size of that cinnamon roll. Mine’s without nuts, but holy wow, you can’t go wrong! I’m not a huge hot bev drinker on a spring morning, so I opted for iced mocha.

929j 929f 929e
I mentioned materials. There are so many textures making this a warm and “lived-in” space. I was told this back wall is clad with vintage baking pans procured from a NYC restaurant.

I wandered down to the basement space. It has a more private feel, and would make a great space for groups.

929g 929c
AND, what I’m ordering next time!


The brand — simple, typographical, well-used throughout
The orange forks — perfect choice, made me smile right away
The service — a great experience
The baking pan wall — depth, I just wanted to run my hand along the surface (but I refrained)
The conversation I had with A.S. while waiting in line — because that’s what you do at a coffee bar in a small town, especially when baby pictures are involved

Thanks for sharing the trip with me!

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