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still life 031113 . Natural Treasures

My kids and I are celebrating Spring Break at our family’s farm house this week. It’s a joy and a privilege to be able to take time out of our normal routine to enjoy giving them my mostly undivided attention. We’ve committed ourselves to walking the gravel roads and pastures as much as possible in search of treasures. Of course, for me, the real treasure is their smiling, wind-blown faces. But, the flowers and sticks and such will do too! Creatively, I’m spending the week to recharge. I had already prepared a couple of things to share with you this week and I have my sketch journal, but mostly I’m framing up some of our experiences with my iPhone Hipstamatic and my Canon. I hope to share some of the photos this week and following. Meanwhile, here are collages of some of the natural treasures found on our Saturday and Sunday walks. What’s been particularly fun has been finding, smelling and picking some of the Spring bulbs my grandmother and great-grandmother planted on these acres — daffodils, paper whites, irises, hyacinths. Some mark long-torn-down fence rows and homesteads. A real treasure to have gracing our window sill this week.


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