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Day Five: Bug



12 Days of Thanksgiving

November 21 is always an easy day in my 12-day Thanksgiving series. On November 21, 2006 one of the most exuberant, passionate and creative souls entered my life. My Bug was born.

Bug, Little Drummer Boy and Baby Girl have shown amazing resilience this past year. Every day I’m amazed by them and how much they pull me forward. Every day I learn from their courage in facing this new world. In taking this new world as their own. I’ve written before that Bug does and feels nothing halfway. He speaks and sings and dances and learns and expresses with such detail and excitement, fully invested in each move — so driven to do it right and do it all the way. Such a powerful lesson for my own heart. Every day I realize more just how much I have to learn from this young man.

Happy Birthday, Bug.

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