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make . Color-It-Yourself Gift Card Holder


This Fall, a colleague from WCBI TV, the local CBS affiliate station in Columbus, Mississippi, called to invite me to join a monthly segment on their MidMorning with Aundrea morning program. It’s a “mom’s panel” with a couple of other moms of friends who share my Baby Girl’s kindergarten class, and we just sit and talk for a few minutes about the stuff moms normally discuss! It’s been really fun and maybe a little out of my comfort zone, but still something I’ve enjoyed doing it. One of the things we talked about in our November segment was how we approach teacher gifts for the holidays. The consensus from Toralyn and Nell, like me, was gift cards! We’ve all had a habit of getting gift cards for our teachers and including them with a little personal happy to say “thank you” and “merry Christmas” to those men and women who love on our kids each school day.

I’ve been taking a little time this week to look whats cool and trending to bring to fruition some of the make-able ideas that have been flowing through my brain in preparation for the holidays. One of those ideas is a fun way to present gift cards to teachers or anyone else on my list. I’m planning a Christmas issue of AQUA, my e-based creative journal that will have a couple of printables and free artwork features to enjoy — including a printable gift card holder to correspond with the calendar I shared yesterday. But, I also thought it would be so fun to give a gift card in a holder that my kids can personalize with their own styles. SO, I decided to create a Color-It-Yourself design! I printed the layout and asked Baby Girl to color the images for me. She was happy to get involved! This template includes two holders and is pretty easy to fold and glue into the finished product. [You could also insert a business card or a set of gift tags!] Just cut out along the outline, and use a craft knife to cut the slit shown in the bottom flap — this will help the holder stay closed. Then, fold all the flaps back. Apply glue stick to the side flaps and secure them in place with the bottom flap. The top flap will slide into the slit to close. An easy personalized holder! I hope you enjoy trying it out with your little ones.


If you’re not on the AQUA list, go ahead and sign up! It’s just one email a month that usually includes two or three pieces of free downloadable artwork as well as a peek at what’s happening in the Pond.





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