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make . Holiday Gift Wrapping

Last night, my kindergartener and fist-grader were working on cards to go with Christmas gifts for their teachers. They decided it would be fun to experiment with our holiday Craffiti stamps, so I pulled out all the stamps and ink pads. While they were making their creations, I did a little experimenting myself making the gift-wrapping for one of my mom’s Christmas gifts (no hints, Mom!) and a couple of to/from tags. Enjoy! And, I hope you have a chance to use your own creativity to say “Merry Christmas” this holiday season!

bag2 bag3 bag1 from3 from2 border1 border2 border3

The tags on these use my favorite paper stock — French Paper, Speckletone Oatmeal. I also used some chevron-printed burlap garland I had in my office and archival inks. The stamps…

Tree and Star from How Lovely
Two borders from To/From
Tiny Tree from Great Joy

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