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Archive for February 2014

discover 021414 . Heart Rocks


Happy Heart Day to you! From our collection of heart-shaped rocks.


favorite color 021314 . Winter’s Peace

jan13_peace jan13_barcode

I simply love this photograph. It was an accident, like so many forms of inspiration. I took it at our farm last year in early January in one of those blessedly out of focus moments that capture the simple peace of light and shape and pattern. Happy Thursday to you!

sketch journal . 021114


signs . Memphis, TN No. 2

Last night, I was looking back through some photos from our trip to Memphis last October. I love looking at signs — hand-painted and otherwise. I’m fascinated by how they impact the view of places attached to the sides of buildings and structures. Today I thought I would share some of the ones I photographed during our walks and trolley rides Downtown.

2013signs1 2013signs3
[The Peanut Shoppe — a Main Street classic since 1949]

[homage to the 1930’s William Len Hotel]

2013signs4 2013signs5 2013signs6
[Hotel Chisca building through the trolley car window]


new stationary . A Gentleman’s Set


I’m not exactly sure why I decided to call these the “Gentleman’s Set” except that they have a decidedly non-girlie slant, and I love the simple black imagery. These block printed designs are new in the print shop, featuring black ink on oatmeal recycled French Speckletone paper — one of my favorites. I’ll be adding several new designs printed on these 4 x 6″ cards.

Bicycle | Chair | Thumbtack | Spectacles



By the way, you may have noticed a change in the print shop. When I started the shop, I named it “The Frogkisser” because I sometimes call myself a frog kisser for hire. However, over the holiday break as I was thinking through the business, I decided the extra name and graphics were a little too much to manage. I wanted to simplify and bring everything into sharper focus. [Yes, even marketing professionals need to re-evaluate, re-tool and refresh!] So, this January, I’ve re-imagined the print shop as “Small Pond Graphics Hand-Drawn” which allowed me to simplify my vocabulary and graphics a bit and bring more consistency to my different creative endeavors. I hope you’ll check back often as I add new designs and prints!

He Love Me. He Loves Me Not. [printable Valentines]


Ok, you definitely can’t enjoy the month of February –the Love month– without a few Valentines! I sent out the February issue of AQUA, my monthly creative ezine, earlier this week, and it included some free printable valentines I thought I would share here also.

I know Valentines Day may make some of you roll your eyes, so I had a little fun with watercolors creating these printable sentiments to appeal to both the loved and the love-lorn. The woodland-inspired set above are for those in the “he loves me” category. AAAND, for those in the “he loves me NOT” group, you’ll find the alternate set below.


I hope you’ll take these with all the tongue-in-cheeky-ness intended and enjoy sharing the love loud and proud on Valentines Day and every day. Life is short! Don’t miss the opportunity.


client work . Spring 2014 unWINE Downtown

It was a busy January with some projects for events in Starkville, and I thought I would share one of them this morning. I was able to do some illustration work for this Spring’s unWINE Downtown wine tasting event hosted three times a year by the Starkville Main Street Association. The Spring edition is often held close to Valentine’s Day, so I wanted to do something that would share the love! Here’s a glimpse at the sketches and the finished poster design. Enjoy!

unwine1 unwine2 unwine3

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