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new stationary . A Gentleman’s Set


I’m not exactly sure why I decided to call these the “Gentleman’s Set” except that they have a decidedly non-girlie slant, and I love the simple black imagery. These block printed designs are new in the print shop, featuring black ink on oatmeal recycled French Speckletone paper — one of my favorites. I’ll be adding several new designs printed on these 4 x 6″ cards.

Bicycle | Chair | Thumbtack | Spectacles



By the way, you may have noticed a change in the print shop. When I started the shop, I named it “The Frogkisser” because I sometimes call myself a frog kisser for hire. However, over the holiday break as I was thinking through the business, I decided the extra name and graphics were a little too much to manage. I wanted to simplify and bring everything into sharper focus. [Yes, even marketing professionals need to re-evaluate, re-tool and refresh!] So, this January, I’ve re-imagined the print shop as “Small Pond Graphics Hand-Drawn” which allowed me to simplify my vocabulary and graphics a bit and bring more consistency to my different creative endeavors. I hope you’ll check back often as I add new designs and prints!

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