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summer of water . monday 052614


I’m starting something new today! It’s Memorial Day and the first official day of our summer vacation. This summer, I’m challenging my children to write or draw or paint (and of course, read) something every day until school begins again. Tomorrow, we’re heading to the store so they can each pick out a notebook or journal they can use through the summer. I’m hoping this will help them keep their letters and words and spelling fresh and their creative juices flowing. Since I’ve issued this directive, I thought I had better join in with something myself. I’ve been wanting to become more disciplined about painting, experiment with some ideas with abstract themes and hone my painted lettering. SO, I’m committing along with the kids to paint in watercolor each day of summer vacation. We may take the weekends off (because days off or good) or we may include them as the mood strikes us. Regardless, I’m beginning today and looking forward to what images and themes emerge. I’ll be sharing the daily images and sketches here and on my Facebook page. I hope you’ll follow along and let me know your feedback on how it’s coming. Here’s today’s entry…


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