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summer of water . tuesday 061714


I did a little more abstract experimentation for today’s painting. During the process of daily painting this summer, I’ve been consciously trying to focus less on producing a product — a painting — and more on the act of painting and experimenting. It’s been a very free-ing experience, giving myself the opportunity to explore painting without thinking about creating an actual product. Some of the pieces may become an end product. Some of them may be used as studies for something else I want to do later. Some may be just food for thought. And some may just be marking a day in the summer of 2014. What I think the adventure is becoming is a real growing experience for me. A chance to hone the way I look at and approach my own craft. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to do these things each day and to see my children get excited about seeing it too.

On that train of thought, some of today’s piece was motivated by my 5-year-old’s perspective on watercolor painting. A week or so ago when she was painting with me, she discovered that she loved what happened when the colors were allowed to mingle together (a-ha moment!). I showed her a little about using more water with the paint to help that mingling process. She was sold. So, today’s work and the paint drips created by moving the paper around are in Baby Girl’s honor!

Happy Tuesday!

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