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Archive for July 2014

summer of water . monday 072814


Playing around with a chevron colorway tonight. My daughter has been telling me she likes where the paint colors “run together.” She’s learning about watercolor through this adventure!

summer of water . friday 072514


Indeed they are. Happy Friday!

summer of water . wednesday 072314


summer of water . tuesday 072214


I’m really trying to take this advice to heart as the children and I plan for a new school year beginning in a couple of weeks. I’m really wanting to keep that balance of seeking healthy opportunity and healthy contentment for myself and for them.

summer of water . monday 072114


I’m about ten days away from the end of this summer painting adventure, and I’ve stumbled across so many ideas I’d like to explore further. For now, enjoy today’s sketch from some photographs of the Cotton District!

summer of water . wednesday 071614


summer of water . tuesday 071514


A late entry in the Summer of Water series today, but I’ve been pondering this.

summer of water . monday 071414


Last  night, we returned from a wonderful week of family fun in Gulf Shores, Alabama. I think we’re all still in the glow of sun and togetherness! Happy Monday!

summer of water . thursday 071014


summer of water . wednesday 070910


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