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Archive for August 2014

client work . Downtown Block Party 2014

I wanted to share a little client design work this week. I’ve been excited to work on a few new projects this year for the Starkville Convention & Visitors Bureau, and one is the design suite for the annual Downtown Block Party. The event serves as the kick-off the Fall football season and includes a pep rally, so we wanted it to have a bit of a “fan” feel. It was fun to use a photo of the Mississippi State University cheerleaders I had taken at a previous block party and convert it to a more “posterized” look similar to the New South Weekends campaign. [It was also kind of fun to sneak a little hot pink in with the typical maroon around here :)]

Enjoy! And, if you’re in the Starkville area, I hope to see you at Downtown Block Party this Friday night!



collect . childhood card games

I’ve been slowly cleaning out the storage closet in the studio this summer and realizing what a packrat I am! I’ve been finding all manner of art supplies, paper ephemera and cast-offs from various attics that I apparently couldn’t part with. It seems that I come by my packrat-ness naturally, since there are several boxes that have been transported from my parents’ attic. I’ve shared some of the randomness found in “the closet” on Instagram, so you can follow the adventure there. Meanwhile, I came across several sets of vintage playing cards from my 70s childhood, and the illustrations just made me smile. Gotta love Fifi Fluff, Diver Dan, Fickle Frankie and Fly Boy Floyd! Do you remember any of these?






“Go into ORBIT and soar into space
Be lucky — be lively — and win the race”
Aarco Pla-More Creative Cards


morning letters . monday 082514


This morning I was looking at my “task list” for the upcoming week and our schedule with a few new things starting. It’s easy to get intimidated, but I thought this was the best advice to give myself! Happy Monday 🙂

morning letters . wednesday 082014


Had a little sit-down with myself this morning… A hard truth sometimes, but you don’t have to know the answer.

morning letters . monday 081814


Just a little on-going argument I’m having with my 2nd-grader 😉
Happy Monday!

morning letters . friday 081514


I’m getting some practice with a new typeface today, which explains why this one is so rough. But, TGIF indeed! Just keeping it real here in the Pond 🙂

morning letters . thursday 081414


Just a little something I saw in Austin Kleon’s book, Show Your Work 🙂
Good advice for social media, art & life!

morning letters . wednesday 081314



I’ve been drying a couple of sprigs from the garden in my studio and Burl Ives came to mind this morning! Happy Wednesday!

client work . Starkville’s New South Weekends 2014

No, watercolor painting is ALL I’ve been doing this summer! I thought it might be good to share some of the client work that has recently launched. This is my fourth year to have the opportunity to design the New South Weekends design suite for the Starkville Convention & Visitors Bureau. The Fall series centers around annual Friday evening events held during Mississippi State University home game weekends.

This year, I wanted to design something that had a very “college football” look, but also a little edgy to follow some of the flavor of the Starkville brand we’ve established. I went on a search for vintage football imagery for inspiration – very fun. I ended up taking an illustration from a 1938 Amhearst College football program that I found in the public domain, and giving it a more maroon (go Dawgs!) and modern feel. Here’s a look at the vintage illustration and a couple of the 2014 New South Weekends pieces. I hope to see you in Starkville this Fall for some of the great events!


[1938 Amherst College Football Program]


[2014 New South Weekends Poster – Starkville, MS]


[Mobile Site Graphics]


morning letters . tuesday 081214


I think I’ll always associate this quote with Robin Williams because of how inspiring it was in the movie, Dead Poets Society. Since this day is all we have and we will never get it back, let’s make the most of it!

Freehand lettering is sometimes a work in progress. I drew light pencil top & bottom guidelines, and I did a little more photoshop work on this one. Mainly, the sizing of “seize the day” was off and I didn’t have room for all the letters on the painting. So, I fixed that a bit before posting — just a little behind-the-scenes confession 🙂

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