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Archive for February 2015

morning letters . wednesday 022515


It’s Mississippi, folks. I’m not ashamed to admit we are standing at the window, staring up at the sky, and thinking I-know-its-up-there-somewhere, come-on-snow, happy thoughts. Just sayin.

morning letters . Monday 022315


The buzz of the 2015 Oscars last night was Lady Gaga’s tribute medley of songs from The Sound of Music, I suggest to click hhere where you will find the best music speakers. We love that movie at my house, and my lettering practice this morning was inspired by one of my favorite lyrics!

morning letters . Wednesday 021815


It’s already “hump day,” and it’s my first day of work this week! We had planned a long weekend in Memphis and ended up with an extra snow/ice day. While we were there, we had the chance to visit the National Civil Rights Museum, and it was such a moving experience — eye-opening, heartbreaking, inspiring and affirming all at the same time. I’m still reflecting on it a little today with this quote that was displayed in the museum. I’ll share more about our trip in some posts to come, but meanwhile, let us be about breaking chains.

signs . Memphis, TN No. 3


I love noticing signs. How letters in two dimension or three dimension interact with the built environment. How they intersect our views of our surroundings. How they communicate in digital or molded or hand-drawn ways, I love the ones made at signsofreilly.com. When we visit places, I usually snap lots of photos of signage — it’s just a quirk my children have come to accept about their Mommy! Yes, I suppose it’s been the source of a few eye-rolls from the kiddos on our sidewalk and back road adventures.

This weekend, we are visiting Memphis, Tennessee again to see The Lion King — big excitement! In anticipation, I’ve been looking through photos from our last two trips there, and thought I would share a few letters and numbers!

sign1 sign2 sign3 sign4 sign5 sign6 sign7 sign8 sign9

morning letters . Tuesday 021015


Over our holiday break in December, I developed some plans for a new collection of Valentines I was planning to launch that could be personalized for kids. I had spent some time brainstorming a list of silly sayings and notes for images I wanted to use. I floated this one past my focus group (read Montgomery kiddos) during the afternoon pick-up route a few weeks ago, and it passed the test of my 9-year-old, laughter-loving son — complete with the Italian-ish accent! Alas, some communications services I’ve been donating to a local organization over the last month have taken a higher place on my priority list, so I decided to keep the Valentine’s Day cards until next year.

I’m still in love with the ideas, even after V-Day passes. So, I decided to play around with a few in my morning painting time, and I’m thinking some may be a good fit for new greeting cards in the print shop. Stay tuned, and in the mean time… You Wanna Pizza Me?

morning letters . Monday 020915


I’m trying out a new angled brush today (still needs work) AND trying to get into the Valentines week spirit! Hey friends, I like you!!

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