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morning letters . Tuesday 021015


Over our holiday break in December, I developed some plans for a new collection of Valentines I was planning to launch that could be personalized for kids. I had spent some time brainstorming a list of silly sayings and notes for images I wanted to use. I floated this one past my focus group (read Montgomery kiddos) during the afternoon pick-up route a few weeks ago, and it passed the test of my 9-year-old, laughter-loving son — complete with the Italian-ish accent! Alas, some communications services I’ve been donating to a local organization over the last month have taken a higher place on my priority list, so I decided to keep the Valentine’s Day cards until next year.

I’m still in love with the ideas, even after V-Day passes. So, I decided to play around with a few in my morning painting time, and I’m thinking some may be a good fit for new greeting cards in the print shop. Stay tuned, and in the mean time… You Wanna Pizza Me?

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