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letters to my daughter . 020816


Today, I’m beginning a new series in my daily lettering practice! I’ve been a little burned out with coming up with ideas for lettering, and have taken a bit of a break from the discipline of practice. I’ve been ready for something that’s a more intentional labor of love and a theme that would breathe new life and thoughts into my painting habit. The series is called Letters to My Daughter, and I plan for it to be just that… notes and thoughts I want my daughter to hear from me.

My babies are getting older. They are growing up, and that scares me, saddens me and excites me all at the same time. With each new stage, I’ve always been utterly amazed at these three tiny people in my charge. The push and pull of daily parenting and juggling all the wonderful things the children and we as a family are involved in keep us moving, and I’m realizing that so much I want to say to them, so many of the affirmations I want them to hear in their spirits gets lost in that shuffle. As I look around at our culture and the things I see girls, in particular, striving for, I feel that pull to affirm very acutely with Baby Girl. I would also be lying if I didn’t admit that I regularly lie awake at night wrestling with how to compensate for my little girl not having a Daddy to communicate certain things I think she may always want to hear from him. It’s a lot to wrestle with sometimes — a wrestling that I’m sure is common to lots of mothers in different ways. Raising humans is not for the faint of heart!

Thus, the seed of an idea. The letters to my daughter. I’ve been trying to make notes to myself as the random thoughts come to mind as I watch her and listen to her. Those truths and encouragements I want her to know without any doubt. That I want her to be able to rest in. Things I see in her and that I want her to see in herself. And, never fear, I imagine this practice endeavor will also include some Letters to My Sons as well! I hope that the letters will serve as a reminder to myself to take the time to speak these things intentionally and not just paint them.

This first letter is inspired by one of Baby Girl’s favorite t-shirts. She’s about worn it out, but it reminds me that every little lady needs to know she is lovely — and that her loveliness beams out from within every single hour of every day no matter what kind of day that is. Thanks for following along in this new journey. I hope it’s encouraging to you and your family as well.

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