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letters to my daughter . 021016


It always makes me pause when I hear my words coming back at me from one of my children. I pause because it’s a sharp reminder that little ears are always open, and the words we speak take root. Whether we want them to or not sometimes. But, it’s a magical thing sometimes to see a little soul embrace some positive affirmation she’s heard, internalize it and make it part of how she sees herself. It births confidence and safety in being who she is. I must have actually verbalized this to Baby Girl. I don’t really remember it, but I’ve heard it back from her. In moments when she’s telling me her plans about some activity or project or shenanigan, she tells me. When I question from all my years of experience and the ready words of caution, she says it. “Mommy. I have good ideas!” It reminds me that she does, indeed, have good ideas. And to push aside the tendency to be a naysayer or a doubter or a squelcher of excitement. It reminds me to have confidence in that young spirit who’s learned to have confidence in herself. Wow. Kids teach you the darnedest things!

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