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letters to my daughter . 022416


I probably need to say this as much to myself as I do to my children, but I hope I can instill this idea in each of their hearts. Sometimes — even at their young ages — I see them trying to compare themselves to each other, to their friends, to what they see in media, and even to me as their Mommy. There was a time when I saw my boys shying away from artsy type things because I’m an “artist.” Like I owned the best ways to do art or use my tools. I consciously work to help them see beyond that. Even days when I see Baby Girl try to emulate something I’m doing in the studio, I hope I’m diligent to remind her that she doesn’t have to measure her ideas or her methods or herself against how I do things. Or how anyone does things! The best measure of her efforts will be her own magnificent heart and her own wildest dreams!

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