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Archive for May 2016

letters to my daughter . 052016


letters to my daughter . 051616


Something I’m still trying to learn (and teach)… Sometimes the most powerful choice I can make is kindness.

letters to my children . 051216


Today, the letter is actually FROM my children! It’s a haiku project my oldest finished for school… one written in anticipation of what’s next. Only a few more days and we’ll be there. It can’t come soon enough!

letters to my children . 050416


Today’s the big day. My Bug’s state test in writing… two five paragraph essays back to back, 45 minutes each. He’s cried himself to sleep quite a few times with worry about not finishing. He’s had tummy aches, afraid he’ll “fail.” Because he cares and because he doesn’t do anything — ANYTHING — halfway. His school counselor has given all the high achiever test anxiety coping mechanisms. His teacher has given all the practice tests and the time prompts and the encouragement. So, today’s the day. And when I’m not wanting to punch some Legislator or Department of Education appointee in the nose, I just want to say, “YOU GOT THIS.” Because he’s having trouble remembering that.

letters to my children . 050216


Happy Birthday to my sweet first-born love! I’m a little taken aback that I how have an 11-year-old, and so very thankful for the chance to be his Mom!

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