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more about haley

My name is Haley Montgomery. I’m a small girl in a small town in a small world. But, I like big ideas. After earning my Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from Mississippi State University, I spent 16 years as the “creative wizard” of Dux D’Lux Advertising, a full service advertising agency in Starkville, Mississippi with a reputation for excellent design work.

My experience included conceptualizing, designing and programming for brand development, print collateral and websites; project management of various online media and print media campaigns; and copy editing and writing for print, online and social media… All for clients in virtually every industry — non-profit and for profit, big and small, corporations and start-ups. Yep, I enjoyed my job!

In July 2010, Dux D’Lux closed its doors, and I hopped out on my own with Small Pond Graphics, providing creative graphic design, website development and online media solutions to toads of all persuasion. My job: Kissing frogs and finding princes.

Kissing Frogs.

Frogs and princes. I’ve always loved that story — the one where the girl isn’t afraid to pick up the slimy, croaking, web-toed frog and give him a big ol’ kiss. There must have been something inspiring in that little toad, something that made the girl see the prince potential in those multi-colored, eye slits. That’s kind of how I see great design work. Its potential is there in all kinds of shapes and forms and patterns and sounds and budgets. Sometimes, it just requires a little extra attention to the details to bring it out. That’s kind of how I see ideas, too. The tiny, warty ones can turn big and spectacular when the right person applies a little love and attention (and great design) to them.

Thinking Small.

It IS a small pond, after all! This big pond where we all live and work is getting smaller by the day. The truth is; I like small ponds. They are where most of us begin our unique circle of impact. Whether YOUR small pond is a small business clientele, a new Facebook page, the target audience for a new service, or prospective businesses you’re trying to win over, your marketing success rests on ripples of influence. Those small ponds are places where creativity applied to an individualized approach for marketing and services can be most beneficial. They are places where the same old formulas don’t necessarily apply, where those ways of doing things can actually get you lost in the sea of competition. The unique skill of Small Pond Graphics is finding the uncommon color in frogs of all persuasions and offering the individual attention that helps the prince shine through.

This small pond we swim in needs a relationship-focused approach to service and solutions, and that’s how I’ll manage your graphic designwebsite and online media projects. From established companies and non-profit organizations to small business entrepreneurs and innovators, helping clients give their dreams a well-designed face and a successful way of communicating really gets me jumping. Whatever the marketing climate of YOUR pond, I’m ready to dive in.

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