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favorite colors 101415 . Alley


We’re heading to Memphis for a long weekend and some Cinderella fun on Friday, and I was digging through a few photos from past trips. Aside from the ones with my three cuties, I think this may be my favorite Memphis shot! I love the slices of light taller buildings provide on downtown streets — the colors, the shadows, the patterns formed by overlapping window grids. Does every mid-size urban downtown in America have Deco details? This one is so warm, even though I kind of remember the day being cold.  It inspired today’s favorite colors — a mix of warm and cool, blacks and browns, the blend of neutral tones.

inspired by . Mon Premier Dictionnaire


I picked up this French children’s dictionary at our local library book sale not long ago and found a wonderful collection of whimsical illustrations inside. Mon Premier Dictionnaire was published by The World Publishing Company in 1963. It was a French variation of The Rainbow Dictionary originally published in 1947, and the enchanting illustrations by Joseph Low were adapted for both. I just love them and the stories captured by each little vignettes! I think the circus is my favorite.








white . 050714

050714 050714barcode

This year I’ve planted two “Sara Bernhardt” peonies, and I’m enjoying the first of their blooms. I was expecting more vibrant color, but these first ones are so delicately white and light pink in the morning light!

pink . 050614

050614 050614barcode

I’ve been keeping up with my fledgling garden through the front and back lawns this spring, and I snapped this brilliant bloom in the rose bushes this morning. I’m finding that gardening is a delightful exercise in anticipation.

favorite color 021314 . Winter’s Peace

jan13_peace jan13_barcode

I simply love this photograph. It was an accident, like so many forms of inspiration. I took it at our farm last year in early January in one of those blessedly out of focus moments that capture the simple peace of light and shape and pattern. Happy Thursday to you!

favorite color 092613 . Inspired by Fall

photo_092313 barcode_092313

I’m starting to see that sky — that particular shade of blue that says “fall!” Although we still have warm days, this week I saw the first Bradford Pear leaf change its color and the first sasanqua camellia bud begin to open in my yard. So, I’m taking my color inspiration today from the promise of Fall. Hope you’re getting excited in your part of the pond 🙂

inspired by . Vintage Vogue Covers


Recently, I stumbled across the online Vogue UK Cover Archive, and I was excited to find a showcase of cover art dating all the way back to 1916. While it was fun to see some of the styles of past decades documented in the cover photos, the real treasure for me was the older illustrated covers. The evolving illustration styles, innovative compositions and “Vogue” typefaces were an inspiring tour of fashion history and design. The archive includes information about the various issues as well as the illustrators.

My favorite period this week… art deco from the 1920s.

favorite things . StickyGram


Are you an Instagram-er? I am too! The wildly popular photo sharing service is a super-fun way to show off images on the go and share daily experiences in a visual way — something I can always get behind. I recently came across another cool service that allows you to turn your Instagram photos into magnets, and I decided to give it a try!

StickyGram is an online service that interfaces directly with Instagram and allows you to get a set of nine 2 x 2″ magnets from your favorite photos. The process is really easy. You simply login at StickyGram.com with your Instagram account information, choose your photos and order. I’m thinking choosing some photos of my kiddos would be a pretty fun gift for a grandmother on Mother’s Day!



inspired by . Amelie Hegardt Fashion Art


Last week during our down time, I was browsing some of the articles in the latest iPad issue of JENESEQUA. The watercolor and ink fashion illustrations from artist, Amelie Hegardt just took my breath away — especially her use of what art school called “negative space.” It is the areas in the composition that are left void where a part of the picture is implied through the shape of the white space. (That was your art lesson for the day! *grin*) I checked out Ms. Hegardt’s website to see more and I hope you enjoy some of the images I found.





inspired by . Play


Posters + Learning. I’m a big fan of applying great design to the elements of our daily lives as people and societies as a way of making our life experience better and richer, and I’ve been following an organization for a while who is doing that very successfully in the area of learning. The Institute of Play in New York City is a non-profit group focused on designing learning experiences that are centered in the concepts of play — something we all enjoy. I’ve been drawn to the curiosity and creativity fostered in the programs I’m reading about. One of my favorites is the Off the Wall Learning series, which uses simple (but well-designed) posters to provide kids with self-directed learning activities — vehicles for young people to explore their own worlds and draw their own conclusions. These two posters have inspired me again this week! They are available for download for anyone to use, along with the Off the Wall Process template for actually creating your own learning experience, ready to be translated into a visual instruction poster!

The Institute of Play website offers quite a few resources for teachers, schools and even parents, from curriculum and programs to reading lists on the concepts of melding games with learning. Take a look. You just might get inspired for your own exploration!

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