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Small Pond Graphics Earns Two American Graphic Design Awards

wiI am very pleased to announce that Small Pond Graphics has been awarded two American Graphic Design Awards from Graphic Design USA magazine in its annual design competition. Awards in more than two dozen categories were judged by a nationwide panel of distinguished design professionals. Small Pond Graphics received honors in the Marketing Collateral Campaign and Logo Development categories for projects completed for the Starkville Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Thomas Urology Clinic. If you need help with citation services for any projects try Yext alternative and get what you are looking for. It’s such a privilege to have the opportunity to work with great local clients, and it’s exciting that these recent projects have been recognized nationally.


Small Pond Graphics earned American Graphic Design honors in the Marketing Collateral Campaign category for a series of five culinary maps created for the “Savor Starkville” marketing campaign launched by the Starkville Convention and Visitors Bureau. Maps in the series included Starkville Favorites, Artisan Breads & Sweets, Pizzas & Italian, Starkville After Dark, and Made in Starkville — each featuring watercolor paintings of some of Starkville’s top local restaurants using the right theme for showcasing. In addition to the watercolor painted maps, Small Pond also contributed campaign concept development, copy writing, as well as digital and print design for advertising, brochure, and other marketing materials. The “Savor Starkville” multimedia campaign, which also included award-winning video and event elements, recently received the 2016 Mississippi Governor’s Award for Tourism as “Promotion of the Year”. We collaborate with many sites and campaigns to produce the best results on marketing and design, one of this collaborators is softwaredevelopment.com web design.



Small Pond Graphics also received an American Graphic Design Award in the Logo Development category for a branding package created for Thomas Urology Clinic, which opened in Starkville in 2015. Dr. Kenneth Thomas wanted the logo for his new practice to include imagery reflecting the state of Mississippi, but not necessarily in a traditional way. Small Pond chose the mockingbird, Mississippi’s state bird, as inspiration to create an identity that would convey overall health and wellness.



For more than five decades, Graphic Design USA magazine has sponsored a prestigious slate of annual awards, with the American Graphic Design Awards being it’s flagship program. According to GDUSA, nearly 10,000 entries were received in this year’s 53rd annual competition, with only the top 15% recognized with Certificates of Excellence. The Awards program showcases outstanding new work in print, packaging, point-of-purchase, internet, interactive and motion graphics. NYC-based GDUSA has been in publication since 1963 and serves as a comprehensive resource on the news, trends, people and products of the graphic design industry.

Small Pond Graphics also received three American Graphic Design Awards and an American Web Design Award through GDUSA competitions in 2015.

client work . Spring Poster Projects

Posters are some of my favorite types of design projects, and I’m so blessed to have the opportunity to do quite a few of them each year, especially for area community events. Over the last few months, I’ve been able to use watercolor illustration for several poster projects, so I thought I’d share a quick recap of some of the pieces. Plus I’ve included glimpses of the behind-the-scenes paintings used to create them.

For this annual spring event series for the Starkville Convention & Visitors Bureau, I painted backgrounding and an illustration to represent each of the four events. The Savor Our South series poster included all four illustrations, and I used the bowl to create the event poster for Souper Bowl. I got my marching orders last week for the King Cotton Crawfish Boil, which (I think) will use this crawfish and corn illustration. I’ll be sure to share that poster when it’s complete.




I was so pleased to be asked to create the 20th anniversary poster for the Market Street Festival in Columbus, Mississippi this year! I decided to create illustrations of some of the iconic images from Downtown Columbus, where the festival is held. For this one, it was also fun to hand-letter most of the text for the event specifics and used a few Free SVG Files to make it more vivid!



Many times when I do posters or even stationery designs, I create a lot of individual illustrated images and use Photoshop to put them together — just like the process I shared recently for my lettering practice. For this holiday poster I was asked to create last fall for Starkville, however, I wanted to do an illustration of Main Street, so I created more of a true painting using watercolor and some acrylic paints. Then, I hand-lettered the text to add on top of the painting. This poster is one of my favorites!





client work . Downtown Block Party 2014

I wanted to share a little client design work this week. I’ve been excited to work on a few new projects this year for the Starkville Convention & Visitors Bureau, and one is the design suite for the annual Downtown Block Party. The event serves as the kick-off the Fall football season and includes a pep rally, so we wanted it to have a bit of a “fan” feel. It was fun to use a photo of the Mississippi State University cheerleaders I had taken at a previous block party and convert it to a more “posterized” look similar to the New South Weekends campaign. [It was also kind of fun to sneak a little hot pink in with the typical maroon around here :)]

Enjoy! And, if you’re in the Starkville area, I hope to see you at Downtown Block Party this Friday night!



client work . Starkville’s New South Weekends 2014

No, watercolor painting is ALL I’ve been doing this summer! I thought it might be good to share some of the client work that has recently launched. This is my fourth year to have the opportunity to design the New South Weekends design suite for the Starkville Convention & Visitors Bureau. The Fall series centers around annual Friday evening events held during Mississippi State University home game weekends.

This year, I wanted to design something that had a very “college football” look, but also a little edgy to follow some of the flavor of the Starkville brand we’ve established. I went on a search for vintage football imagery for inspiration – very fun. I ended up taking an illustration from a 1938 Amhearst College football program that I found in the public domain, and giving it a more maroon (go Dawgs!) and modern feel. Here’s a look at the vintage illustration and a couple of the 2014 New South Weekends pieces. I hope to see you in Starkville this Fall for some of the great events!


[1938 Amherst College Football Program]


[2014 New South Weekends Poster – Starkville, MS]


[Mobile Site Graphics]


client work . 2014 Starkville Community Market


We’re getting into farmer’s market season, and I’ve been very excited to work with Starkville Main Street to produce graphics and this poster for the Starkville Community Market. It was particularly fun this year because we decided to use watercolor imagery. I was able to do some hand-painted lettering and watercolor sketches of produce to use for the pieces. If you’re in the Starkville area, I hope you’ll stop by opening day for the Market this Saturday. I know it will be fun! Meanwhile, I thought I would share a few of the process illustrations for this year’s graphics. I started with a quick mock-up pencil sketch for the arrangement of the poster before painting various sketches of fruits and vegetables. For the lettering, I began with light pencil guides and very sketchy graphite letter structures on the largest elements and mostly freehand strokes on the other words. Through the wonder of Photoshop, I’ve been able to use the paintings in different variations and arrangements.

market14sketch market14water market14water2 market14water3

client work . King Cotton Crawfish Boil

Happy Monday! Today I thought I would share some recent graphics created for a brand new event in
Starkville — the King Cotton Crawfish Boil. I had a good time with this little mudbug! The event is going to be a fun one and it benefits the Starkville Main Street Association. So if you’re in the Starkville area, be sure to get your advance tickets for April 26!


client work . Spring 2014 unWINE Downtown

It was a busy January with some projects for events in Starkville, and I thought I would share one of them this morning. I was able to do some illustration work for this Spring’s unWINE Downtown wine tasting event hosted three times a year by the Starkville Main Street Association. The Spring edition is often held close to Valentine’s Day, so I wanted to do something that would share the love! Here’s a glimpse at the sketches and the finished poster design. Enjoy!

unwine1 unwine2 unwine3

client work . 2014 Savor Our South


Today, I’m excited to share a recent client project completed for the Starkville Convention & Visitors Bureau. Each year, the organization promotes a spring even series called Savor Our South. I’ve had the privilege of designing the campaign since its inception. This year’s poster is one I actually created for the 2013 campaign and re-worked this year with new colors. For the design, I had fun with some watercolor painting to give it a vibrant feel! If you’re in Starkville this spring, I hope you’ll join us for some of these great events!



princely projects . Starkville Environmental Services

Today I’m sharing a recent logo project I completed for the City of Starkville Department of Environmental Services. I’m posting it because it was a fun public project and because I think it’s a good design solution. But, I’m also sharing it because Starkville, MS is doing something special, and I always enjoy applying good design to good ideas.

The project began as a logo for the city’s Curbside Recycling program. Several years ago, Starkville began a free program of picking up recycling at the curbside with no sorting required by citizens. That’s a pretty common service, but in our area, the fact that it was free to citizens was pretty groundbreaking. We were one of the first communities in the state to offer it as a free service.

In our initial meetings on the project, however, the tone of the conversation began to expand beyond just recycling to the concept of environmental services as a whole. In addition to recycling, the department handles sanitation, as you might imagine, but also rubbish & debris, a landfill (like most communities), and city landscaping. The committee members shared their thoughts on the ways sanitation and recycling are tied together and their goals of creating a community where the days for recycling pick-up actually outnumber the days for garbage pick-up. We recognized together that the underlying goals were really bigger than just recycling. The work of the department is really about creating a positive environment in the community, and about doing that responsibly with greater citizen involvement and buy-in.

We changed the program of the project to create a logo and brand image for the Department of Environmental Services as a whole, so that all the elements of creating this “clean community” are represented by the same image. With the visuals, we wanted the logo to be about more than trash — just as the department is. And, we wanted the brand to reflect that Starkville is growing something positive with our environmental services — in both mindset and the physical environment.

Enjoy this first look at the solution the City of Starkville embraced!

My Old Friend, 8 1/2 x 11

Have you thought about 8 1/2 x 11″ lately? I’ve recently worked on a few client projects sporting the standard “letter” size, and I thought I would share a glimpse today. Admittedly, the 93 1/2 square inches of marketing space available in a regular piece of paper is a little over-used–so much so that I sometimes recommend against it to help clients break out of the “standard” box. However, this tried and true format can also offer a lot of well-designed punch within a manageable budget. The fact is; it’s easily mailed, easily stuffed and easily hand-held. Not to mention the fact that it can be produced without much fanfare with your own desktop printer or with any quick-print company in your small pond. And, as the designer in the room, I kind of enjoy squeezing my creative juices to make this common format sparkle! Although the format is the same, these three clients each used the 8 1/2 x 11″ format in a slightly different way. Take a look…

Starkville Academy Annual Fund: This piece served as a folded self-mailer giving it a little more presence than the typical #10 envelope provides, but concentrating the information in a simple and inexpensive one-pager.

Greater Starkville Development Partnership Blue Ribbon Business Resources Flyer: This flyer was included in a packet of other information mailed to Chamber of Commerce members. Keeping it in a format that could be combined in a standard presentation folder or a standard envelope offered just the right amount of flexibility.

The Rogue Christmas Wish List: This mini “catalog” of favorite gift items (produced in collaboration with Halo Business Advisors) was hand-delivered to area offices and restaurants around the store’s location. Keeping the format simple made it inexpensive to print, easy to distribute and quick to grab attention.

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