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discover . Smoky Mountain Views

“Measureless mountain days… opening a thousand windows to show us God.” I love that quote from John Muir, the naturalist and founder of the Sierra Club who was so instrumental in advocating for the preservation of some of our nation’s most treasured natural lands. Last fall, we traveled back to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and this week, I’ve been enjoying inspiration from the images captured there. There is, indeed, so much about experiencing the mountains that seems measureless — the views, the heights, the colors, the distance. Our drive over the Newfound Gap Road from Gatlinburg, Tennessee to Cherokee, North Carolina offered great views of the vastness and great roadside stops and climbs to discover the view up close, too. Read More →

go . Opening Day for the Farmer’s Market


This Saturday my daughter and I stopped by opening day for the Starkville Community Market, the farmer’s market for local growers and food crafters in our area. As I mentioned last week, I’ve been privileged to do some illustration and design work for the Market again this year, and it’s been exciting to see the pieces in place at the event. We had a great time hearing live bluegrass music from the Cedar Creek Ramblers and visiting some of our favorite vendors, including Baby Girl’s kindergarten teacher (and farmer’s wife!). We picked up some locally made wheat bread, baklava, pasta, glycerine soaps, pastries and spinach. It was a wonderful outing before a day of flower gardening and preparations for my nine-year-old’s family birthday party. It’s a pleasure to buy food and treats from folks we know. I hope you’re enjoying your Monday and maybe the farmer’s market season in your own community!

0505market2 0505market3 0505market4 0505market5

Farm Days

Friday is here, and we’re all getting excited. Today, we’re heading back to the farm for the week of spring break. We haven’t been there since Thanksgiving, and I’m looking forward to seeing the changing light and landscape, and hopefully a little Spring in bloom. I was looking back at a few photos from our last visit. I hope I can share some of the same views next week!

farm1 farm2 farm3 farm4

signs . Memphis, TN No. 2

Last night, I was looking back through some photos from our trip to Memphis last October. I love looking at signs — hand-painted and otherwise. I’m fascinated by how they impact the view of places attached to the sides of buildings and structures. Today I thought I would share some of the ones I photographed during our walks and trolley rides Downtown.

2013signs1 2013signs3
[The Peanut Shoppe — a Main Street classic since 1949]

[homage to the 1930’s William Len Hotel]

2013signs4 2013signs5 2013signs6
[Hotel Chisca building through the trolley car window]


go . Main Street Trolley


I’m excited to share the first post of photos and images from our recent Fall Break trip to Memphis. We’ve visited Memphis several times, mainly to enjoy the zoo and Mud Island, but we’ve always stayed on the outskirts. This year, I decided I wanted to give the kids a little more of an urban downtown experience. So, I booked our rooms at the Marriott Spring Hill Suites right on Main Street at Court Square (I definitely recommend it). One of the big draws for me in choosing that hotel was the back door access to the Downtown Trolley. The backyard of the hotel is the Court Square park space — another plus, but I’ll share more evidence of that later.

The Memphis light-rail Downtown trolley system has operated since the 1993. The system runs as the last line of Memphis’ original streetcar system, which closed in 1947. The vintage trolleys are from around the world and are each over 40 years old, but have each been restored with brass seats, transom windows, antique fixtures and hardware. The restoration makes for a sufficiently rickety and ambient-filled ride through the Downtown area. We spent our trolley rides on the Main Street line moving up and down the thoroughfare with the sound of bells, wheel lurches and cranking metal. Dark wood, rotating seats, brass window latches and watching for our stop, it was enough like an old-fashioned train ride to intrigue the kids. When we chose to walk instead of ride, the fun came in watching for the trolley and trying to gain the driver’s attention to elicit a beep of the horn. We all cheered when several drivers obliged.

trolley_day trolley_steering trolley_mainst trolley_hardware trolley_seat trolley_hands

go . Farmer’s Market Saturday


There’s my breakfast on this Wednesday morning. It’s a slice of homemade pecan bread with a drizzle of honey and a few shake-shakes of grated parmesan cheese. Yeah, I can’t explain the combination, but it’s good. Soft and a little crusty from the toaster. Nutty and yeasty. Tangy and sweet washed down with a tall glass of iced water. And it probably tastes better because I’m eating it on the patio to the tune of about 65 birds hopping and chirping and foraging and tweeting in the old-fashioned way.

I bought the bread on Saturday at the Starkville Community Market, our local farmer’s market. It opened for the summer last weekend, and I enjoyed getting to check it out. I’ve been designing promotional elements for the Market this year to incorporate a new look with some of the original graphics, and I’ve been hearing some of the plans for the season and excitement from the new Market Manager. It was fun to get to see some of those plans get started for the kick-off weekend. My children decided to sleep in with the company of their grandparents, so I was able to visit the Market with just my camera and some cash in hand for must-haves. And, of course, I found some in the markets-are-more-than-veggies section. I bought us two kinds of bread — the pecan bread and a beautiful sour dough loaf, along with fresh strawberries, homemade whole wheat pasta, grape jelly, handmade soap and some all-natural citrus cleaning liquid. I also took in a culinary demonstration from one of our local chefs — a delicious strawberry & honey basil yogurt dip served with fresh bread. The kids are now convinced that they need to wake up for the adventure next Saturday morning!

Enjoy this glimpse of market finds, and I hope you’ll also enjoy the growing season in a farmer’s market in your area. In MY neck of the pond, the Starkville Community Market is open Saturday mornings from May to August at the corner of Lampkin and Jackson Streets in Downtown Starkville. See you there!


market1 market3 market4 market2 market5 market6 market7 market8 market10 market11

still life . 041713


Sunlight can do some pretty cool things to a tabletop.

photo essay 021813 . Serendipity in Light

When we visited my parents in Macon, Mississippi for the Christmas holidays, the kids and I took an evening to wander around Downtown to look at the Christmas lights — a fun holiday tradition from my own childhood. Of course, I had my camera in hand, and in addition to crazy kid shots, I also got a few photo surprises. I discovered that trying to get a handle on a couple of silly boys, freezing temps, a stiff breeze, and standing on the edge of a curb all at the same time produces some interesting photography effects [*grin*]. Something about throwing focus to the wind creates a kind of wonderful. I keep coming back to a few of the shots where light takes center stage. I hope you enjoy the serendipity on this Monday morning!

light1 light2 light3 light4

photo essay 013013 . Snow Days


We had some rare snow here in North Mississippi a week or so ago and in addition to some fun with three munchkins and a somewhat posture-challenged snowman, I also had a date with my Canon and the trees in my front yard. The landscape was almost colorless blanketed in white, so I decided to try the shots in black and white. Hope you enjoy them.

13snow2 13snow3 13snow4 13snow5 13snow6

favorite color 102912 . Autumn Texture

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