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print shop . New Greeting Cards in the Shop!

April is National Letter Writing Month, and it’s inspired me to get some of my latest card designs added to the Etsy shop!  It’s amazing how treasured a hand-written letter or card has become in our culture of digital communications. I’ve enjoyed thinking through stationery sentiments with some of my daily lettering practice.  Here’s a sneak peak at the new card designs. I hope you’ll take a look at the print shop and get inspired to send some snail mail!



favorite thing . Happy Spring to Me

It’s cold here in Mississippi this week! We are enjoying temps down in the teens, and my children are disappointed that it hasn’t brought snow flurries. I have to admit I’ve fallen prey to a little Spring weather teasing. Last week we had a little bit of warmer, sunny weather — the way winter seems to waffle in the deep South. The days of Spring-like temperatures sprinkled in between these frigid days are just enough to make me wish for new blossoms.


I have another confession. Sometimes if I’m looking for special inspiration or, like lately, wanting a little touch of Spring to brighten a winter day, I browse Etsy for to find a little happy just for myself. I thought I would share the latest sweet inspiration. This lovely hand-crafted linen flower brooch was created by Wild Peace Organics. The crafter is located in Portland, Oregon, and describes this pin as “eco rustic,” a style I’m loving these days. The packaging was wonderfully simply. The delicate petals, not-quite frayed edges and soft blue-green color let me close my eyes and think of Spring. I can’t wait to wear it when the weather is warmer! But for now, I’ll content myself with simply looking at it 🙂



I hope you’re staying warm wherever you are, and finding your own reminders of the Spring to come.


inspired by . Rosettes

Repeating textures and patterns found in diverse places can be serendipity — like the “rosettes” in these three images. The absence of color makes the lines even more prominent.

1. Fabric pin from Brydfirth
2. Cinnamon bun illustration ~ Small Pond Graphics
3. Throw pillow ~ Anthropologie

favorite things . Rockin Recycled Journals

I’m so impressed with this product. I just wanted to get that out of the way right off the bat. The Sahabo shop creates handmade books (a personal favorite craft) in a variety of flavors that are all spectacular, but this particular variety is so fun. The 100-page journals are made from repurposed vinyl records and their sleeves. The binding looks top-notch too. I love this creative way of recycling a bit of vintage goodness into something beautiful used to record thoughts and ideas. The great part is that an extensive list of album titles are included in the Etsy shop so you can pick your own album to reflect your own inspiration. Honestly, I can’t wait to get one.

favorite things . Dolled Up DIY

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted a CRAVE in Plop! land — probably because I’m in crave overload from some of the creativity I’m seeing online these days. I was looking through my archive of bookmarks and had to share this one right away! I’m not a seamstress. Not even close. But, I’ve fallen in love with these DIY dolls from MIKODESIGN. The illustrations are so sweet and whimsical, and I can imagine my Baby Girl squeezing the love out of this little Parisian and her stylish bunny. I particularly love the tiny camera, tote bag and itty bitty bottle of Chanel No. 5. I also noticed that you can purchase remnant bags of the Parisian fabric in a couple of colors — just the right touch of frou frou, if you ask me!

Programming note: I’ve been weeding through past posts recently getting inspired again, but mostly cleaning up inconsistencies I see, fine-tuning topics and categories and tweaking here and there. I hope you’ll poke around too!

inspired by . Indian Corn

The kids and I have adorned the front porch light with Indian corn in our yearly penchant for harvest fun. I couldn’t help but snap a few pics before we hung it because I just love the cacophony of color in the kernels and husks. As inspiration often goes, as soon as I looked back at the photos the other day, I began to see similar images everywhere — the pushed together combination of colors and shapes, the haphazard grid, the rugged geometry. Here are a couple of the indian corn-esque designs inspiring me on this Thursday.

Inspiring designs: Jackson Pollacks No. 8 Remixed giclee print by Graphic Nothing | “Flume” cowhide rug design by Kyle Bunting | Original illustration print by Little Things Studio (from Mississippi! and the maker of my FIRST 2012 calendar purchase — stay tuned!)

favorite things . October Treats

It’s October! The temperatures and weather in my neck of the woods are finally beginning to feel Fall-like, and I have an excuse to indulge my appreciation for orange. Over the weekend I was looking through Etsy.com for vintage Halloween ephemera (because I’m quirky that way) and I came across these great examples of old treat bags. Get inspired by the orange and black to kick off the month, and dream of your favorite candies filling them!

[Tricky Retro found at TheIDConnection | 30One | Tinsel and Trinkets | AppelJar Vintage]

favorite thing . All the Details

I recently bought this set of journals/planners from graphic designer Natasha Mileshina’s Etsy shop. She specializes in calligraphy, hand-made planners and organizers, prints, photography and more. The moment I received my package in the mail, I knew it was a lesson in the power of details. From the twine used to wrap the kraft paper bag and the shop logo stamps and stickers right down to the bonus photo prints and personalized “thank you” card (yes, that’s my NAME on there), this package wasn’t just a product. It was a present. Sure, I bought it as a happie for myself because I liked it. But, Mrs. Mileshina’s attention to the details of the packaging made it more like a GIFT. And, it didn’t hurt that her books were exquisitely crafted with minimalist design and just the right splash of color. Plus, her product listing included a few extras like a wooden pencil and ruler and a set of her small prints. It’s the whole package, so to speak.

Here’s the thing. When I got this, I was immediately convinced that she is, well, awesome! I won’t forget her shop, and I’ll want more of her well-designed awesomeness again. It made me re-evaluate how much attention I give to the details of what I provide customers (and friends and children and whoever else crosses my path). Those small Things have the power to turn something ordinary into something unforgettable. Sounds like great marketing to me!

[Be sure to check out Mrs. Mileshina’s portfolio website!]

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