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inspired by . Eames Chairs

I came across this US Postal Service stamp set in my bookmarks featuring the creative work of Charles and Ray Eames. I’ve always been inspired by how they applied their design sensibilities to so many different disciplines. The commemorative stamp set was released in 2008 and is a very fun glimpse at some of their iconic designs and maybe their personalities. Of course, the Eames chair designs play a big role in any overview of their work and these tiny images spurred me to search down a few other well-designed products inspired by the chairs. If you’re an Eames junkie like me, I think you’ll love these…

1. Eames Chair Letterpress Coasters from Green Bird Press
2. Eames “Hankies” from The Honey Press
3. Eames Chair print from Weavers of Southsea

design read . BluDot

Ok, so this is not really much of a “read.” It’s more eye candy, but it has me like a kid in a candy store. I received a BluDot catalog in the mail a few months ago, and I keep going back to it. It’s an oversized uncoated design in that layout where you flip the book over halfway through to see the spec pages. I just love the look and feel of it. And I love the products. The self-proclaimed “modern furniture” line is both classic and new at the same time. But, the reason I plan to absorb it again this weekend is the off-center styling throughout the catalog. The BluDot message is “good design is good.” It is, and the photos in the catalog show their product line strewn with random touches of life, rather than in some pristine showroom atmosphere. It has a fun blend of mid-century and 21st century elements. I just love looking at the images, and the spec pages are just as engaging. Have some fun window shopping BluDot this weekend!

inspired by . Carnevale Stretch

When I came across these unique and colorful chairs, I couldn’t resist posting them to the Inspired Pond files. The Stretch collection by Carnevale Studios launched earlier this year and offers a whimsical take on “pull up a chair.”

Jennifer Carnevale is an industrial designer who was educated at the Rhode Island School of Design and has produced furniture and products for a who’s who list of great retail and design companies. Taking inspiration from all areas of design, Ms. Carnevale’s products showcase materials combined in interesting ways. That’s obvious from this collection of chairs. Taking cues from the fashion world, they combine latex, bungee cord and ropes into this vibrant weave. I can’t help but think “summer party dress” when I see that green version.

Be inspired!

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