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favorite colors 101415 . Alley


We’re heading to Memphis for a long weekend and some Cinderella fun on Friday, and I was digging through a few photos from past trips. Aside from the ones with my three cuties, I think this may be my favorite Memphis shot! I love the slices of light taller buildings provide on downtown streets — the colors, the shadows, the patterns formed by overlapping window grids. Does every mid-size urban downtown in America have Deco details? This one is so warm, even though I kind of remember the day being cold.  It inspired today’s favorite colors — a mix of warm and cool, blacks and browns, the blend of neutral tones.

Welcome April! [printable calendar]

Well, the saying goes… April showers bring May flowers! I’m not sure we really want a repeat of all the rain we had in March this year, but if rain is indeed in the forecast, I hope we’ll trust whatever April has to offer as goodness for each new day! I decided to revive my calendar downloads this month along with a desktop wallpaper version — inspired by drops. And, I’m really loving gray and yellow together these days! You can click below to download the files, and as usual, I’ve included a little cut-away sentiment you can share with a friend when the month is done… “nothing’s worrying me!”







favorite color 021314 . Winter’s Peace

jan13_peace jan13_barcode

I simply love this photograph. It was an accident, like so many forms of inspiration. I took it at our farm last year in early January in one of those blessedly out of focus moments that capture the simple peace of light and shape and pattern. Happy Thursday to you!

one oversized thing

Proportions are such a funny thing sometimes. They can really make or break a design. I’m always intrigued by items that tweak the conventions of proportions a little toward the unexpected — like this great clutch from Apple & Bee. The bag is about 5 x 7″ and I’m loving the oversized silver clasp. Doesn’t it remind you girls of playing dress-up? That feeling of sneaking a bit of glamour from your mama’s closet. (I hope that’s not just a Southern thing!)

You know, it kind of reminds me not to shoo my Baby Girl away from the bracelet drawer when she sees something that strikes her fancy. These are spectacular times. Go make today a special one!

letters . Beale

Mud Island is one of the signature stops in Memphis, TN. The park features a scale model of the Mississippi River running through it. The “river bed” is a popular spot with children since it is filled with water as dictated by the rains — just like the real river. The structure traces the route of Old Man River with city grids and small towns etched along its path. Beale Street, of course, made the cut of important places.

photo 062712 . Garden Climb

photo 062612 . Guardian

photo 060712 . Woven

photo 060512 . Wire 2

photo essay . Stone

I love the multi-colored grayness that stone and concrete adopt as they age. Time seems to soften even the hardest of materials.

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