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discover . Smoky Mountain Views

“Measureless mountain days… opening a thousand windows to show us God.” I love that quote from John Muir, the naturalist and founder of the Sierra Club who was so instrumental in advocating for the preservation of some of our nation’s most treasured natural lands. Last fall, we traveled back to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and this week, I’ve been enjoying inspiration from the images captured there. There is, indeed, so much about experiencing the mountains that seems measureless — the views, the heights, the colors, the distance. Our drive over the Newfound Gap Road from Gatlinburg, Tennessee to Cherokee, North Carolina offered great views of the vastness and great roadside stops and climbs to discover the view up close, too. Read More →

sojourn . Starting Spring at Busy Bee

March is coming to a close with all its fickle Southern tendencies! For a month that always ushers in the Spring season, this year’s has sure given us the full spectrum of Mississippi seasons from winter freezes to summer heat. My children were out of school for Spring Break a few weeks ago, and we were able to spend the week at Busy Bee, our family farmhouse in Noxubee County. I always enjoy taking time there to unwind, enjoy unstructured family time, and get my fix of pasture walking and breathing in country air. This year, our Spring Break weather included some cold and rainy days, but we made the most of it, squeezing in at least a few of our favorite farm adventures.

I don’t know if it’s because of the burst of warmer weather we had early in 2017, but I can hardly remember a time at Busy Bee when the pre-Spring days were SO green! Although we had some freezing temperatures, the pasture carpet was full of new life. In these early Spring days, the green seems the most lush before summer’s heat has the chance to tire it out. Of course, I always have my camera with me, and it was fun to capture a few glimpses of how Spring on the farm cracks through the more stark color and contrast of winter. For us, it was a week of seeing two seasons at once, sometimes in the same frame. I came home with renewed energy and excitement for the ideas I’ve wanted to tackle this year.

log . Farm Journey One


I think I mentioned that we are spending the week at our family farmhouse for Thanksgiving holidays. I’ve taken care of a few client details remotely this week, but for the most part I’m enjoying some down time and concentrated time with my kiddos. I brought a few arts and crafts projects that we’ve been enjoying, like the stamping designs I shared yesterday — a good thing because we’ve had a few rainy, cold days. Still, not much can keep us from exploring gravel roads and hay yards while we’re here, so I thought I’d share part one of views from our farm journeys. Overcast November days make for a nicely monochromatic palette, at times. I love the mood that flat light and neutral colors create. I hope you’ve have a chance to wander this week.





photo essay . In Full Bloom


I love the clarity of the light this time of year. Sunny afternoons so often produce such saturated color. The Sasanqua Camellia on the corner of our house is in full bloom now. Back in the spring, I wrestled with it (in some gravity-defying ladder acrobatics) to prune down branches that were above the roof. Now those limbs are filled with pink blossoms in varies stages of exposing their yellow centers. Even the spent and wind-blown petals on the walk surrounding the trunk seem alive with fuchsia and hot pink. Enjoy a glimpse, and I hope your Monday is filled with bloom…

camellia2 camellia3 camellia5 camellia6 camellia4

log . Wood, Stone and Water

As I mentioned a few posts ago, we are at our family farm house in Noxubee County for spring break. We’ve been enjoying some great weather and time together. Through our outdoor escapades, the kids have decided to curate a “science exhibit” of interesting finds. The finds have been interesting, indeed, and the process of collecting them even more inspiring for me. I thought I’d share a little documentation of our pasture journeys in search of water, wood & stone. Our “finding” has including walking, jumping, climbing, painting, building, talking about family history, playing impromptu instruments, searching, laughing, discovering… Fun times! I hope you have the chance to do some of the same this week

photo essay 013013 . Snow Days


We had some rare snow here in North Mississippi a week or so ago and in addition to some fun with three munchkins and a somewhat posture-challenged snowman, I also had a date with my Canon and the trees in my front yard. The landscape was almost colorless blanketed in white, so I decided to try the shots in black and white. Hope you enjoy them.

13snow2 13snow3 13snow4 13snow5 13snow6

photo 071012 . Summer Blossom

photo 061412 . Thistle

photo 061312 . Prickly

photo 061212 . Folds

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