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inspired by . Amelie Hegardt Fashion Art


Last week during our down time, I was browsing some of the articles in the latest iPad issue of JENESEQUA. The watercolor and ink fashion illustrations from artist, Amelie Hegardt just took my breath away — especially her use of what art school called “negative space.” It is the areas in the composition that are left void where a part of the picture is implied through the shape of the white space. (That was your art lesson for the day! *grin*) I checked out Ms. Hegardt’s website to see more and I hope you enjoy some of the images I found.





design read . JENESEQUA


It’s a special privilege to find beauty, creativity and inspiration around us. I’m finding that paying attention to this privilege keeps me fresh in my own creativity. In times of transition and even sorrows as my family has experienced this Fall, it’s so easy to become numb to beautiful things around us. One of the hallmarks of coming alive, of moving forward — at least for me — is seeking out that inspiration once again. I’ve begun that process slowly during the last few weeks.

This week, I was browsing through the iPad publication, JENESEQUA. The app is a lifestyle magazine developed specifically for the iPad format, and it’s a true multi-media presentation. Beautiful photography, interesting lifestyle editorial content and varied content are augmented by “related content” curated from across the web including YouTube videos, Pinterest boards, blog posts and online shopping excursions. The content is sharable with a touch of the screen and readers can “favorite” items to a profile for reading later. The No. 12 holiday issue is sparkling with holiday celebration and fashionable finds. Enjoy a few of my favorite stories!




A Good Experience… with an Ad

On Friday, I shared some of my favorite spreads from the Sept/Oct issue of Lonny Magazine. This particular issue celebrates the publication’s 2-year birthday. Since the magazine is published primarily in a digital format, I’m impressed with how they’ve tranformed the traditional periodical model into one that’s been successful online. And one that’s been able to stay relevant not only with design, style and content, but with technology as well. One example…

The reader is able to click on various photos, logos and content throughout the magazine to view relevant websites. But, they’ve also begun to incorporate video segments into the mix to make the pages “come alive” so to speak. As I was clicking through the issue the other day, I came to this spread featuring regular content next to a full page Waverly ad. Of course, the bland coffee cups don’t fit the normal image of Waverly products, so it stopped my eye. As I moused over the ad, I noticed that the image was actually a video ad. And a great one. I really liked that experience with an advertiser. Check it out…

Untitled from Max McDonnell on Vimeo.

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