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letters to my daughter . 110716


Baby Girl and I got to see the movie, Trolls, yesterday for a sweet friend’s birthday party. We loved it! Great story. Great animation. Great SONGS!! And great messages. Like this one from the soundtrack… Hey there world… I’M NOT GIVING UP TODAY!

letters to my daughter . 030816


Spring! It’s the season when everything around us seems to start coming to life again. The “flower trees” (as my children call them) in our front yard are starting to bloom — the whites of the Bradford Pear and the purples of the Redbud. It’s almost like the branches are stretching themselves out after the long winter, reaching as high as they can toward the sun that’s helping their buds open. I hope I’m teaching Baby Girl and my boys to do the same. To keep reaching, even through the cold and rainy times. To keep growing and stretching and learning and blooming.

letters to my daughter . 030316


It’s picture day at school today, and even little girls wonder if their hair looks ok.

letters to my daughter . 022616


Fridays are big deals around our house. On the way to school, the Friday “happy points” my kids usually list out include book club, no homework, game day in gifted class, the chance to stay up late, and this morning’s version included a “start of the weekend party!” I don’t know what scale of party we’ll plan after school, but I love that they recognize the weekend as just another excuse to celebrate. What a great reason for ice cream!

letters to my daughter . 022216


Pretty much every week.

morning letters . Monday 040615


Just some quickie watercolor script practice today. Happy Monday! Hope yours is loverly!

morning letters . Monday 020915


I’m trying out a new angled brush today (still needs work) AND trying to get into the Valentines week spirit! Hey friends, I like you!!

morning letters . tuesday 090214


Happy September! We spent the Labor Day weekend celebrating our favorite little girl, who is  now 6! It was such a blessing to indulge ourselves in pink for a few days (even the boys), and now I’m still smiling from all the “sugar & spice!” Have a great Tuesday!

summer of water . monday 072814


Playing around with a chevron colorway tonight. My daughter has been telling me she likes where the paint colors “run together.” She’s learning about watercolor through this adventure!

summer of water . wednesday 070214


Today I’m experimenting with a few more color grids. We are traveling to the beach next week, where I’m sure sand, surf and shells will occupy my painting inspiration, so I wanted to get in a little more abstract work before then. I like the direction the abstract work is taking this summer and I hope to get a little further with some themes to take into the fall.

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